Improve management by building engagement

Take advantage of the Enpulse technology to build an engaged team. Quickly, intuitively, and completely online.


Thanks to the Enpulse survey platform:

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You will evaluate your team’s engagement

Diagnose the engagement pulse of your employees according to the Enpulse methodology by asking the right questions at the right time. Easily, automatically, monthly.

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You will identify areas in need of improvement

Learn the actual needs of your team through the scientific surveying methodology, which will help you analyse engagement in three dimensions: emotional, motivational, and rational.

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You will develop an operating plan

Take advantage of the reports converting human feelings and emotions to numbers and take the appropriate measures to build employee engagement based on considerations and hard arguments.

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You will verify operating efficiency

Observe how your employees react to changes in real time and use the original market benchmark to control the efficiency of your employer image strategy.

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The impact of engaged employees on your company

22 %

Greater profits

A coordinated and motivated team will grow the actual profits of your company. Invest in employee engagement building to raise the revenues of your company.

21 %

Greater productivity

Engaged employees work more efficiently and the effects of their work are of superior quality, which lets you reduce the operating costs of your company.

60 %

Reduced rotation

As the level of engagement in the team rises, the staff becomes more and more attached to the workplace. A cohesive employee engagement strategy will considerably reduce rotation as well as the recruitment costs of your company.

37 %

Reduced absence

A high engagement index improves the atmosphere in the company and consequentially the desire to come to work every day. By investing in a motivated team, you will considerably reduce absence. Not just physical, but mental absence as well.

You can’t manage that, which you can’t measure.

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Magda Pietkiewicz & Tomasz Szklarski

Magda Pietkiewicz, CEO

Tomasz Szklarski, Vice President

How did Enpulse start?

The story of Enpulse began in 2010, when Magda and Tomek started developing a system surveying engagement in companies. Magda’s research team created the internal methodology, which combined numerous leading scientific theories into a cohesive surveying tool with an original engagement index.

The internal solution was initially used to conduct comprehensive engagement surveys, which served as grounds for strategic consulting provided to the clients of After numerous surveys and cooperation with major clients, the tool was tested on thousands of employees to create a credible point of reference for comparisons among enterprises.

After years of improving the system, Enpulse is finally available to all businesses – small, medium-sized, and large organisations – in an easy to implement and automated form. Try Enpulse to see how scientific theory and years of practical experience can transform your company!

How does it work in reality?

  • anna sendor

    Anna Sendor-Urban


    Thanks to the Enpulse engagement survey and the simple reporting system, I was able to easily diagnose matters requiring urgent intervention in order to introduce changes in the company’s management elements. The end result includes reduced rotation, which consequentially lowered employee costs and raised labour efficiency.

A tool customised to your needs

Like all living organisms, every company is different. For this reason, Enpulse comes in three packages adapted to the needs of your company:

Enpulse Basic

An automated engagement surveying tool. Includes basic surveying and analytical functions.


Enpulse Standard

An automated tool with personalised functions (own questions) and comparisons (benchmarking).


Enpulse Pro

A full research package with advanced diagnostics, comparisons, and Enpulse expert support.


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