Does Enpulse require installation?

No. Enpulse is a fully automated service with browser support. You can use it on any desktop or mobile device.

How much does Enpulse cost?

The monthly cost of Enpulse depends on the number of active users and the selected package. The prices per employee drop as the number of overall users rise, starting at EUR 5/month per employee.

Is there a minimum agreement time?

No, Enpulse is a monthly subscription service, which you can cancel at any time. However, this is not recommended as it will break data collection continuity.

How do my employees access the questions?

In order to respond to the survey questions, your employees must register in the Enpulse system, using their personal activation links. The administrator can generate the links for employees from the control panel.

How does the system ensure that the survey is anonymous?

The answers are presented in form of collective statistical results. Enpulse also lets you filter the results by teams of at least 5 in order to prevent identification of individual employees.

How long does the Enpulse survey take?

The full survey takes 12 months (from January to December), but Enpulse will let you see the results on the very first day. The partial results will let you identify matters in need of reaction in an ongoing manner.

I need assistance in implementing the survey and analysing the data. Can I take advantage of extra consulting services?

Enpulse offers free consulting services under the Standard (3 h per quarter) and Pro (6 h per quarter) packages. If you require comprehensive consulting, Enpulse experts are available for extra charge.