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Doskonale wiemy, że każda firma jest inna. Dlatego Enpulse jest dostępny w trzech pakietach dopasowanych do potrzeb Twojego przedsiębiorstwa:


Choose a plan for your company

We know perfectly well that every company is different. That's why Enpulse is available in three plans to suit your business needs:



500 PLN

up to 50 employees / monthly
Developed for small businesses that require essential diagnostic tools.
Automatic indicator questions
Percentage of employee engagement
Analysis of employee engagement factors
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30 PLN

per employee/month
Excellent for medium-sized companies demanding customization and consulting.
In-depth reports for groups within the company
Benchmarking groups within the company
Comprehensive response report
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Customized for larger companies demanding advanced personalization.
Supplementary assistance in carrying out the study
Dedicated languages
API integration (intranet)
Net prices. Excluded VAT of 23 %.

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Compare Enpulse packages

Compare the features of our packages and pick the one that suits your needs:

Enpulse features

Enpulse Basic

Enpulse Standard

Enpulse PRO

Automated indicator questions
12 questions per month
Percentage score of employee engagement
Manager access - empowering the manager to work with the team
Percentage of employee engagement
Employee engagement index over time
Employee engagement report in 3 dimensions, 6 areas
Factor analysis of engagement
Percentage of employee responsiveness
Detailed reports for within-company groups
Benchmarking of in-house groups
Comprehensive answer report
Set of workshop materials / Knowledge base
Company engagement benchmark with a full panel
Open employee feedback
Export data to Excel, PDF or Power Point presentations
System available in multiple languages
Allows you to design custom questions
Supplementary assistance in carrying out the survey
Dedicated language versions
API integration (intranet)

Any doubts about which package will work best for your organization?

Our consultant will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right Enpulse package.

Additional services



Our experts can provide you with support in implementing the survey in your company, analyzing the results, and developing an action plan. We help you interpret the survey results and plan activities that build engagement.
Prezenta wyników

Performance evaluation

We are committed to educating the managers in your organization. We teach them how to read results and how to plan actions.


We organize workshops in organizations that need them, e.g., in the area of good communication or appropriate work organization.

Frequently asked questions

Does Enpulse need to be installed?

No, Enpulse is a fully automated service that runs in your browser. You can use it on any desktop or mobile device.

What is the cost of using Enpulse?

We try to adapt the system to many types of companies, so for small companies (up to 30 people) we offer access to the enpulse system in the Basc package starting from PLN 500 net. However, we know that this is not enough for everyone, so the Standard package with additional services costs from PLN 30 per person net per month

Is it possible to increase or decrease the number of licences during the course of the contract?

Yes, this is possible in the Standard and Enpulse PRO package. All you need to do is contact us and tell us how many additional people you would like to include in the study. In Enpulse Basic you have the option to survey up to 30 people.

Is there a minimum length of contract?

The minimum duration of the contract is 3 months. We recommend a six-month or annual study to ensure that sufficient data is collected to effectively support the management of the organisation.

How do you give employees access to questions?

Employees have access to the questionnaire after registering in advance with the Enpulse system, using a personalised activation link they receive by email.  The link is generated by the person who is in charge of the survey in the organisation and has been assigned the administrator function in the Enpulse system.

Is it possible to try the platform?

Yes, you can use the Enpulse DEMO version first.

How often are questions asked of employees?

Questions are asked once a month.

Can you ask your own questions?

Yes, you can ask your own custom questions in the Enpulse system. The question will be displayed last in the employee survey.

How does the system ensure the anonymity of the survey?

Responses are presented in the form of aggregated, statistically compiled results. In addition, Enpulse allows the results to be filtered by teams containing no fewer than five users, to prevent the identification of individual employees.

How long does the Enpulse research take?

A full survey takes 12 months (e.g. January to December), but Enpulse research allows you to see the results from day one of using the system. The partial results allow you to identify issues requiring action on an ongoing basis.

I need help implementing the survey and analysing the data, can I use additional consultancy services?

Implementing the survey, analysing the data and working with the results are the most important elements when working with engagement. At Enpulse, we support our clients, so we will specifically design a customised consulting package tailored to your organisation's needs and capabilities. The package can include implementation meetings, support in interpreting the results workshops focusing on working with the results.


Use our technology to build
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