Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Enpulse need to be installed?

No, Enpulse is a fully automated service that runs in your browser. You can use it on any desktop or mobile device.

What is the cost of using Enpulse?

You can find prices on our website in the price list tab.

Is increasing or decreasingthe number of licenses during the contract is possible?

Yes. It is possible in the PRO package. Just contact us and tell us how many additional people you want to include in the study. Enpulse Basic has the possibility of joining a maximum of 30 people. There is no limitation for the other packages.

Is there a minimum length of contract?

The minimum duration of the contract is 3 months. We recommend a six-month or annual study to ensure that sufficient data is collected to effectively support the management of the organisation.

How do you give employees access to questions?

Employees have access to the questionnaire after registering in advance with the Enpulse system, using a personalised activation link they receive by email.  The link is generated by the person who is in charge of the survey in the organisation and has been assigned the administrator function in the Enpulse system.

Can I try Enpulse?

Yes, make an appointment for a free consultation. Together with your consultant you will be guided step by step through the Enpulse platform.

How often are the questions asked of employees?

Questions are asked once a month or once a quarter,depending on the type of service selected. If your organization is unprepared for such work, you can use Enpulse Lite - a one-time engagement diagnosis.

Can you ask your questions?

Yes, you can ask your custom questions in the Enpulse system. Your question will be displayed last in the employee survey. However,the index does not include gathered data from answers to custom questions. You will receive a separate report with your answers.

How does the system ensure the anonymityof the survey?

We present responses in the form of aggregated,statistically processed results. Enpulse allows you to filter the results by teams.

How long does the Enpulse research take?

A full survey takes 12 months (e.g. January to December), but Enpulse research allows you to see the results from day one of using the system. The partial results allow you to identify issues requiring action on an ongoing basis.

I need help implementing the survey and analyzing the data. Can I get additional consulting services?

Implementing the survey, analyzing the data, and working with the results are the most critical elements when working with engagement. At Enpulse, we support our clients, so we will specifically design a customized consulting package for you that considers your organization's needs and capabilities. The package can include implementation meetings and support in interpreting the results of workshops.


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