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Automatic questionnaires

The Enpulse engagement survey is based on automatic questionnaires. Each month, the system sends 12 diagnostic inquiries based on the Enpulse methodology in order to survey the key factors determining engagement at the right moment.

You don’t have to create the questionnaires from the ground up. The Enpulse system will designate the appropriate questions to your employees automatically. It all comes in a convenient format – your employees can respond at any time of the month from any desktop or mobile device.

Proven methodology

We developed the original Enpulse surveying methodology according to various theories and researches with support of an experienced scientific staff. The Enpulse engagement index is composed of three dimensions: emotional, motivational, and rational.

We divided the index into 7 themes and 22 factors affecting engagement. The methodology was tested practically on a group of over 3000 employees in order to confirm its efficiency.

Transparent data in real time

Enpulse is an innovative tool, which aims to respond to the needs of the transforming labour market. Thanks to the subscription system of the Enpulse survey, you can diagnose the engagement pulse of your employees in an ongoing manner. Contrary to one-off annual surveys, this allows for dynamic work on team engagement “here and now” and verification of progress in implementing changes from month to month.

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Result benchmark

The possibility of comparing results is an important element of building engagement in a company. Enpulse provides two forms of benchmarks. One is the internal benchmark, which lets you plan Employer Branding activity for individual departments or teams in an efficient manner.

The other is the external benchmark, which lets you compare the results of your company with the full Enpulse panel. This way, you can check how the engagement of your employees corresponds to the results of other businesses.
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In comparison to the full panel



In comparison to the full panel


Employee anonymity

An engagement survey is only representative when the answers are true and spontaneous. In order to ensure responding comfort, i.e. anonymity, Enpulse demonstrates the results in form of synthetic statistical data to ensure complete anonymity of your employees. This guarantees that the results of Enpulse offer a high level of representation and credibility.

Expert support

Building engagement requires time and a good strategy, which is why our experts offer their support in implementation of the survey in your company, analysis of the results, and development of operating plans according to the learn, listen, and react standard.

Enpulse Standard and Pro offer a quarterly expert consultation package – for more information, go to the Prices tab. If you need comprehensive consulting services in scope of engagement, write to us at enpulse@enpulse.eu.

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